I am not going to be in Port Melbourne

From this weekend, I am taking four weeks off to go on a holiday. I am excited about going away on holidays, but I am also excited about coming back and getting started on a solid year of finding out what it is like to share a suburb with others.

In the past few months I feel like I have been very busy, but that I have not even scratched the surface of the various local groups operating in Port Melbourne. It is much too early for me to have any real findings, but I am certainly developing my ideas. At the moment I feel like I am going to end up with an entire chapter in my thesis emphasising what a lot of work ‘community’ is. I am not saying that people do not enjoy working with others, but events, get-togethers and volunteer rosters certainly do not organise themselves.

Thanks are certainly owed to all the people who have met with me and groups that have had me along. Really I am just starting out, so if I have not gotten out to meet your group or if I have not managed to hold a proper conversation with you yet, it is certainly not because I think you are any less important. If at any time you have any concerns about my project, or think I have gotten something a bit (or a lot!) wrong, please let me know.

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