Back from holidays

I am back from holidays and am enthusiastic about working towards finding out different people’s answers to my questions.

On my holiday I went to some parts of India and Bangladesh. One of the places I went to in Bangladesh was the Chittagong Hill Tracts. There was four of us foreigners standing in a village admiring the view of the surrounding valleys and hills when somebody said something along the lines of, ‘This is a bit strange. Imagine back home just going to a suburb and wanting to have a look, meet the people and things.’

That comment did make me think of my project, as I am trying to look at and understand a suburb. Port Melbourne may not be as exotic as Bangladesh, but there are plenty of beach views to admire in Port Melbourne and there seem to be a lot of tourists who pass through on their way to and from Station Pier.

Hopefully over this year I will be able to find out how many different Port Melbournians find sharing their suburb with the other people who live there, and also what they want it to be like. This is going to require a bit more work than just admiring your lovely beach views, so I am always grateful for any feedback or suggestions of community events to go to.

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