Another little piece

This morning I was down with Beach Patrol 3207, in the rain, doing a group clean. Stooping down to pick up some tiny bit of rubbish off the beach feels almost pointless at times. The pieces are often so small and who knows how long it has just sat there not really making a difference. However, whenever I look down at what I have collected I think about how glad I am that the contents of my bucket are there in my hand rather than being ingested by wildlife or floating in the water.

I suppose there are some parallels with my project. Working away with a group of people outside in less than perfect weather does not seem to provide any immediate answers about what sharing a suburb with others is like, but it is another tiny drop in my bucket.

When I am out on the beach picking up rubbish on my own I often think about all the other Beach Patrol members who are also setting aside the time to stoop over and remove the countless shreds of plastic and cigarette butts. It is great to feel a part of a group removing so many bags of rubbish from the beach, and it is also a great excuse to get outside.

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  1. I see a straw in that bucket!

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