The door knock survey has kicked off

One of the ways I hope to learn more about Port Melbourne is through my door knock survey, which I have started this weekend. The survey itself is very short, and has received a positive response so far. Of course nobody has to participate, but I am hoping to speak with people from a variety of streets in different parts of Port Melbourne.

In the few days before I knock on a particular door, I leave a flyer in the letter box. This may not be a particularly efficient use of time; people may not look at my flyer, the person who opens the door to me may not be the same person who saw the flyer, and not everybody reads English. However, I think it is one small way I can help people to find out why I am doing this project and to make it that little easier for them to get in contact with me (or others) if they have any concerns or suggestions.

I am fitting the survey in around the other activities I am doing, so it will take me a while to get them done. As always, if you have any comments I am keen to hear them.

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