How do we come to care?

I cannot work out if I have a bug which may be contagious or if I do not feel so great because of a few weeks of not quite enough sleep, not eating the best and some hay-fever. Hopefully it is the second option and I have not shared any germs, but I cancelled my afternoon plans all the same.

I think one of the reasons it bothers me if I am spreading germs is that in most of my jobs and volunteer roles I have had a lot of contact with people whose health is not able to bounce back as quickly. The experience of spending time with people who may be put at greater risk than simply missing out on a night out through catching something off me has made me a bit more thoughtful.

I have been thinking a bit about what makes us care. One example I am finding in Port Melbourne is how people care about litter on the beach enough to volunteer to go pick some of it up, and also to try to advocate for rubbish traps on storm water drains. The photo I have uploaded with this post shows one of the issues I have heard some people talk about; there are lots of tiny fragments of plastic on the beach.

While I am sure people start picking up litter in the first place because they already care about the beach, I often wonder if the time spent seeing just how much litter is there (and experiencing what hard work it can be to pick it up) helps them to care even more.

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