Can you tell me why people dump things outside Vinnies?

Outside the Port Melbourne op shop there used to be blue bins, into which people could deposit items. Across Melbourne, including in Port Melbourne, op shops have been getting rid of the permanent bins. This makes sense to me as they are very awkward to empty, vulnerable to vandalism, must result in many items getting broken, and it is expensive to get rid of the items which cannot be sold which end up in them.

People leave items outside the front and the back of the op shop in Port Melbourne all the time. This results in litter being strewn up and down the surrounding streets, frustration from surrounding traders, potentially sell-able items having to be thrown out because they are waterlogged, and a lot of manual work for the already rather over worked volunteers.

Some of the reasons I came up for why people might do this include

  • people are used to leaving things in the bins, and cannot be bothered taking the items back home

  • people are unwilling to organise a council hard rubbish pick up

  • people do not want to pay to take items they no longer want to take to a tip or recycling station

  • people do not realise that the items will be useless after sitting out in the weather, and so believe they are contributing to charity

  • people do not think it matters

  • people approach the items they have acquired but no longer want as somebody else’s issue

Why do people leave things outside the op shop, and do you think having items left out there matters?

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One Response to Can you tell me why people dump things outside Vinnies?

  1. a. Turnbull says:

    Perhaps people are tempted into leaving things near op shops because they still believe they are worth passing on; they come by at odd times when shops aren’t open; or previous uncomfortable experience has taught them some of the people who work in those shops can be abrupt, familiar, patronising, or derogatory to deal with, even briefly. @

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