Celebrating being drunk and disorderly

I walked have walked past this plaque many times. It starts off,

People were often picked up and put in the Lock-up for being drunk & disorderly. Friends who were drinking in the shop next door would bring over jugs of beer. […]

On the bottom, right hand side, it sports the VicHealth and City of Port Phillip logos.

 This plaque is part of a series from the the Margins, Memories and Markers project. Outside the community services hub is one about evictions, outside Coles is one about gentrification and then here, near a law firm and a bar

It is in front of what was the police station

, is one about drunkenness. So the plaques seem to be celebrating things that you would not usually expect to see immortalised in public spaces, unless they happened a long time ago.

 I wonder what drunken stories people in 30, 50 or 100 years would think are worth remembering from Port Melbourne?

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2 Responses to Celebrating being drunk and disorderly

  1. kjwx says:

    Can you tell me the name of the person whose memory features in this plaque? I can’t quite read it from the photo

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