I am away for the weekend

This weekend I will not be in Port Melbourne, or even the greater Melbourne area (which reminds me, I better remember to put in my apology via Facebook for a friend’s going away drinks tonight). Today I am off on the Project Hindmarsh planting weekend (so I will also be missing the Playstation NBA Jam tournament being held at my place on Saturday night).

As you can probably tell by my little asides, I think that being in a place matters when it comes to social contact with others. There is something about face to face contact even now that we live in a time where you can get a message to someone instantly without needing to see our speak with them and you can play a type of basketball sitting alone on your couch.

While you can communicate a lot over email, people still organise face-to-face meetings or to ‘touch base over a coffee’. Does not having to travel far make people more likely to come to a meeting?

Well, this afternoon I am going to be travelling quite far, so I better get a move on.

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