How much are Port Melbourne groups trying to do?

When it comes to how big groups dream, I think there is a spectrum. On one end they are dreaming up new projects and ways to expand. At the other being that they are constantly defining what they do so they can keep their role ‘manageable’.

Sometimes being at either end of this spectrum is correlated with the length of time the group has been going. Understandably, new groups seem to be more likely to be considering and testing their potential. Longer running groups have to maintain enthusiasm and generate interest, but they also tend to consider what they can reasonably do without ‘burning out’.

Taking a side step now, what sorts of groups imagine an end point to their work?
My first guess would be that groups formed to achieve a certain goal would be able to wind up when they either succeed or, if it is time sensitive, fail. However, I am struggling to think of time limited groups in Port Melbourne. I know there are working groups put together by council for various projects which are only called into existence for the length of the project. Groups have been put together for the Port Melbourne Urban Design Framework, The Murphy’s Reserve Master Plan, and moving the Hobson Bay Dog Obedience Club to Garden City Reserve. However, it seems to me that many of the people who sit on these groups are there because of their role in ongoing groups.

Perhaps people who come together to object to, or try to modify, a proposed development have an end point? Although I would guess that some of these people would band together multiple times as different planning issues arise.

Maybe once people start working together they find a reason to continue as a group. Or, on the other hand, perhaps the types of things groups in Port Melbourne are trying to change are not things which can be resolved once and for all.

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  1. a mystery to which I will turn my mind

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