Directing energy

There has not been much activity on this blog, although I have been busy sharing links on my Facebook page. One of the reasons I have not been writing posts is that I have been trying to get started on some more serious pieces of writing.

A short piece I had to put together was on ‘hope’, with a special focus on hope as a method. In this piece I took the opportunity to reflect on a number of ideas, with one of them being some shifts I have noticed in the way groups think of their goals.

In getting to know some of the groups in Port Melbourne, I initially felt I was seeing the life cycle of community groups. While new groups were dreaming up future membership numbers and ever expanding projects, many existing groups were constantly reaffirming the limits to their roles. At the time I wondered if what I was seeing is that groups always have to be moving; if you are not expanding you’re contracting.

However, after spending more time with these groups, I noticed some ways in which certain individuals and groups would undertake supporting newer and/or more ambitious people and projects. Some people in Port Melbourne seem to support others being able to undertake advocacy work as an extension of their own involvement in the community. Often this support is not offered because of the nature of goal the person or project is working towards, rather if you believe in something and want to make a difference this is seen as something worth fostering.

Passing through an area there are some outward signals of where energy is being directed in the presentation of the area and the sort of activities going on. However, it is a whole other thing to find the networks of support which get the ball rolling.

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