I am going to be doing interviews

If you have asked me how this project is going in the past few weeks (or maybe even months) I quite possibly muttered something about needing to start interviews. This post is not strictly an advertisement for interviewees because I have not sent the text to the ethics committee for approval. However, I do not think where I am up to in the project needs to be all that much of a secret.

I hope to interview a range of people who live in Port Melbourne. I am interested in speaking with adults who have lived in the area for any amount of time, who have participated (or not participated) to any degree and who know very little through to a lot about the area.

We do not have to get in contact in any particular way in order for an interview to take place, so if you do want to contact me through this blog you are most welcome to. When interviews can take place is rather flexible, and they do not have to be done this year

What I hope to find out through the interviews is a bit more about how people come in contact with other people in Port Melbourne (e.g. what sorts of things people do in the suburb that mean they end up seeing, being around or speaking with other people). I would also like to find out a bit about what sorts of contact Port Melbournians want with other people, or what they would like to have come out of the contact they have. These are very broad aims, so I do have some more specific questions to try to explore them.

If you have more general feedback about Port Melbourne, my project, or anything on my blog (or Twitter and Facebook) I would also like to hear from you.

My first priority with this project is to get things ‘right’, but getting an accurate understanding depends on the generosity of the people of Port Melbourne.

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