Merry Christmas to busy Port Melbourne


Some of the Christmas signs around Port Melbourne

My posts have been a bit thin on the ground lately. I had a progress review last week and my supervisor has suggested that I go back to the academic and policy literature and write it all up by the end of January. This should keep me very busy, but if I come across anything particularly interesting I will make the effort to share it here. 

Even without a progress review, this is a rather busy time. With the long days and the relatively warm weather, it is a lovely time of year to be out and about inMelbourne. However, the hustle and bustle associated with pre-Christmas organisation seems to make many things more difficult. I have heard that it is harder than normal to get a car park around Bay Street, and have noticed that the Bay Street post office has an even longer queue than normal (which means you find it out the door at some times). It seems like one out of every four people I have spoken with have plans to go to the South Melbourne market Friday morning.

December is a month of parties and, while I have been at hardly any of them, Port Melbourne’s groups have certainly been busy celebrating the season. Even the local councillor’s blog had a Christmas get together. Many streets seem to have their street parties (or other get togethers) this time of year, and the Garden City Reserve Celebration in the Park was held earlier this month.

While there are formal celebrations of the Christmas/ end of year season, it also seems to be a time where people go to a little more effort to wish each other well. A group might not miss a single get together over the Christmas- New Year period, but it still seems to be important to exchange a kiss and well wishes for Christmas when you part in the days leading up to Christmas. I found myself wishing customers at the op shop well a ‘wonderful Christmas’ during my shift this week, and even engaging them in some conversation about time off and the season in general.

I hope you have a great Christmas too, and I look forward to seeing you around (unless you are one of the multitude of people heading away).

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