Port Melbourne in the Melbourne City Council- a few links

Municipal boundaries may seem like a rather dry topic, but there are many people in Port Melbourne with a lot to say about them. After all, the 1994 amalgamations were a rather big deal in Victoria. However, that can be a story for another post.

Many earlier suggestions of amalgamation involved Port Melbourne being amalgamated with Melbourne. In the end, part of Port Melbourne went to the City of Melbourne. This was industrial and port land, but apparently had a significant impact on the rate base for the council.

So, when you see a map of the City of Melbourne electoral boundaries, you can clearly see Web Dock. However, the residential parts of Port Melbourne are clearly within the City of Port Phillip boundaries.

Recently, this map caused some confusion about the ‘electoral representation review’ for the City of Melbourne. However, the boundaries of the City of Melbourne are not part of the scope of the review.

Earlier today I put these links on my project’s Facebook page. I hope this all goes some way to clearing up confusion. On the other hand, it is also a good example of the temporary and contested nature of administrative boundaries.

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