Fishermans Bend and the tram line

A bunch of plans were put together for a tram connecting St Kilda Road and Williamstown, travelling down Williamstown Road and through a tunnel under the Yarra river. The tram would also connect with the line that runs through Port Melbourne. This is not part of the rezoning of Fishermans Bend, these plans date back to the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

There has been the suggestion of an investigation into the feasibility of a tram line. However, when the land was rezoned, there was not mention of this. Instead the Planning Minister described the 240 hectare area as being “on the doorstep of the 109 tram and the Westgate Freeway.”

There has been criticism of the process undertaken: from the local council and from an academic. There have been calls for a school from the very start, and you can find acknowledgement of this in the press release announcing the rezoning, but perhaps once things start happening we will find more discussion of, and advocacy for, specific services. I wonder how many ‘reports’ will even be generated, as the land seems to be privately owned and control has been taken away from the City of Port Phillip.

If the government wants to save a bit of time, but has lost their copies of those earlier tram plans, there are hard copies at the Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society.

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