About the project

This project aims to find out what it is like to share a suburb with other people. I have been going to many events in Port Melbourne and speaking with different people, including those who have lived here a long time as well as newcomers.

Questions I am interested in include:

  • Do you think of yourself as a Port Melbourne person?
  • What do you do in Port Melbourne?
  • Do people who live in Port Melbourne speak with others in their street or neighbourhood?
  • Is there a Port Melbourne community?
  • Governments talk about creating inclusive communities. What do you think about that?

This project has no formal connection with any Port Melbourne organisations or the City of Port Phillip.

Follow the links to find out more about why these questions are being asked, and why this project is about Port Melbourne.


One Response to About the project

  1. Hi Tracey,

    I live in Port Melbourne and have recently signed up to become a Waterfront Welcomer, a team of volunteers who will welcome cruise ship passengers to Port Melbourne and the local environs, etc. I have just written my latest blog post about living in Port Melbourne; I’d love you to have a look at it and let me know what you think please (and follow my blog if you feel so inclined as well…)


    I look forward to reading more about your project too.


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